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We’re not going to litigate our way out of our current crisis. But throwing our hands up won’t get us anywhere either. It’s going to take deep, hard organizing work—a true movement dedicated to real justice, within and outside of our legal system. Will you join us?

About Us

The People’s Parity Project is made up of law students and attorneys organizing nationwide to end how the legal profession—and the law itself—enables injustice.

We are committed to demystifying and dismantling the coercive legal tools that allow the powerful to get away with violating workers’ rights, ripping off consumers, and shielding corporations and the courts from accountability.


Collect information about how the legal system enables injustice to educate our communities.


Identify and implement best practices to improve how we address pervasive problems.


Use our collective voice in the legal profession to make the law work for everyone, not just the powerful.

Upcoming Events

Registration CLOSED: 2022 Convening

Registration CLOSED: 2022 Convening

This summer, law students, attorneys, and legal advocates from around the country are joining together to unf*ck the law. From July 8-10, 2022, People’s Parity Project (PPP) will convene our […]

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08 July 2022

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On the Air: Re-rigging the Justice System in Favor of Equity

On the Air: Re-rigging the Justice System in Favor of Equity

PPP's own Tristin Brown and Steve Kennedy appeared on the Hartford Times podcast to discuss re-rigging the justice system in favor of equity. PPP's @trisquire and @skennedy2504 chatted state courts on "Make Change Happen with Steven Hernández" — check it out!...

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In the News: Pro Bono Is Broken

In the News: Pro Bono Is Broken

PPP's own Steve Kennedy writes for Balls & Strikes: For firms, highlighting their pro bono work burnishes their reputations with current and prospective clients, and helps recruit lawyers and law students who hope to serve their communities while still bringing...

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People’s Parity Project: Lawyers Are Destroying Our Country

People’s Parity Project: Lawyers Are Destroying Our Country

If you've been following our work here at PPP, you probably knew that Roe v. Wade was never going to make it through the summer, but actually reading the leaked opinion last night was still shockingly, horrifyingly awful. Real people—largely Black, brown, and...

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Join Our Team: Now Hiring a State Courts Manager

Join Our Team: Now Hiring a State Courts Manager

[Applications for this position are currently closed.] The People’s Parity Project (PPP) seeks a creative, self-motivated, and strategic State Courts Manager to join a growing team and manage the organization’s work to build state courts that serve as venues for...

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This past week has seen a repudiation of the court-based theory of change that has defined legal liberalism for several decades in the US: a theory that elite lawyers will always be able to use elite reasoning to persuade elite judges not to let things get out of hand.

when we said we were ready for #HotLaborSummer, we were referring to workers’ rights, not forced childbirth 🫠

(thank you to @Shut_downAmazon for showing up & see you at @PeoplesParity soon!!) https://twitter.com/scottheins/status/1540752108340641793

Scott Heins @scottheins

.@Shut_downAmazon at last night's march for abortion rights in Manhattan

We’re lawyering up for the work ahead. Become part of the RJ Lawyers Network: http://tinyurl.com/JoinTheRJLawyersNetwork

Wherever you are in your career, whatever your skill set, and wherever you live, there’s a place for you in the fight for reproductive justice.

Ending Roe is no accident.

Conservatives spent decades plotting to pack the Supreme Court & seize a right-wing majority.

Congress can fight back. They've changed Court’s size 7 times & can do it again.

Get involved to rebalance & #ExpandTheCourt:

Please join our @importantmeagan, @WeDemandJustice’s @katieoconnoresq, @PeoplesParity’s @trisquire, @StandUpAmerica’s @Brettkins, @TakeBacktheCt’s @LiptonLubet, and more for a conversation about today’s horrific ruling and how we can fight back: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPKqmLdAyeKb

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